Interested in the practical side of machine learning? Tune into our smashing AI conference MCubed this week

Event Learn from industry practitioners about model deployment pipelines, testing & monitoring for machine learning, and how to bake explainability into your process

Autumn is here, which not only means damp socks and conkers, but also time for MCubed, our AI & ML conference for software developers, data scientists, and really anyone working hard to get machine learning into actual working products.

On October 14, we’ll get together for the fourth time to talk about getting AI and ML from research to production, and the challenges that go along with it. And because, well, 2020, you don’t have to jump over any puddles to be with us – we’re taking the conference online and you can join the fun from the safety of your home.

This year, our focus is set firmly on the practical side of machine learning. Our speakers will explain how to best design a ML system, test and monitor all the aspects involved, deploy models, and look into what’s changing for those who just learned to follow the DevOps approach.

We’ll start our agenda off with a good practical talk on how to proceed once you’re done training your first machine learning model. Antje Fitzner and Andrej Funk will walk you through the model deployment process on different platforms, which should help you create a web service that is easily integratable into apps and more complicated services.

Afterwards we’ll have the honour of welcoming Dattaraj Rao, author of “Keras to Kubernetes: The journey of a machine learning model to production,” to the virtual stage. In the last couple of months Rao took a long hard look at the facets of a responsible AI system, examining everything from reproducibility and transparency to security and privacy. His findings are the subject of his session, so if you have that creeping feeling you could do a bit better on any of these fronts, swing by to get some help to improve.

If you’re not quite there yet, fret not, we’ll also have the BBC’s lead data scientist Ewan Nicholson with us, who will introduce you to the art of building reliable machine learning systems from scratch, while Janet Bastiman will talk you through the best testing strategies. And since the real world always knows how to throw a spanner in the works, we’re excited to have senior data scientist at BCG Digital Ventures Kristina Georgieva on screen as well. Her insight into monitoring infrastructure, data, and training will make sure you’re the first to know if something goes awry despite your careful prep.

All speakers will be available for live Q&A sessions, so why not start collecting your questions now.

You can get a better idea of the full programme on the MCubed website – and tickets are still available. We’re looking forward to meeting you on the 14th.

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