England’s football manager always has a mountain to climb … and we’re just talking about player data

Webinar England football managers have to bear the weight of a nation’s expectations, an unforgiving press – and a data mountain growing at the rate of 40TB a week.

Because while natural talent and arduous training are obviously key to winning, performance analysis is an essential part of the modern game, from players’ weekly achievements on the pitch, to their development over time, even to their work in the gym.

That’s why the English Football Association has turned to Google Cloud to help it process hours of video, performance stats, and scouts’ notes, and to help the FA’s own data scientists as well as the coaches to get the best out of it.

And you can get a view into the virtual locker room, with this webinar, How the Google Cloud Gives the FA 110%, on June 30 at 11am.

In this session, our own broadcast man upfront Tim Phillips talks with the FA’s CIO, Craig Donald about how it has developed the Helix Data Analysis platform in partnership with Google Cloud.

They’ll discuss the vast amounts of data today’s managers and coaches need to have a handle on – tens of TB a week spanning around 800 players.

They’ll discuss how this presents both a data ingestion and transport challenge, as well as an analysis and presentation challenge.

And Craig will sketch out how the FA is moving beyond data analytics to machine learning and AI to bolster the national team’s chances.

The days of an elite manager needing nothing more than a sheepskin coat, a magic sponge and a bagful of mixed metaphors are long gone. To see what the future looks like, just head here, register, and we’ll remind you on the day. You’ll be sick as a parrot if you don’t.

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