What happens when the cloud reaches all the way to the manager’s dug out?

Webinar When England football team managers Gareth Southgate and Sarina Weigman choose their squads for the World Cup and Euros respectively, you can guarantee they’ll be drawing on years of experience, some well-honed intuition…and one of the world’s biggest clouds.

Because the vast amount of information that elite sports leaders potentially have at their disposal – not to mention the stakes involved – means a well-thumbed notebook and a whiteboard are simply not enough.

That’s why the English Football Association has turned to Google Cloud to process hours of video, performance stats, and even data from gyms, to help the FA’s own data scientists as well as the coaches to get the best out of it.

And you can get a view into the locker room. OK, virtual server room, with this webinar, “How the Google Cloud Gives the FA 110%” on June 30, at 11am.

In this session, our man on the half way line Tim Phillips talks with the FA’s CIO, Craig Donald about how it has developed the Helix Data Analysis platform in partnership with Google Cloud.

They’ll discuss the vast amounts of data today’s managers and coaches need to have a handle on – we’re talking tens of TB a week spanning around 800 players.

They’ll discuss how this presents both a data ingestion, transport, and storage challenge, as well as an analysis and presentation challenge.

And Craig will sketch out how the FA and Google Cloud have worked through this and are moving beyond data analytics to machine learning and AI to bolster the national team’s chances.

For your ticket, just head here, register, and we’ll remind you on the day. Football may be a game of two halves, but this is one session you’ll want to play end to end.

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